What is Chemical Resurfacing and Chemical Peels?

What is Chemical Resurfacing and Chemical Peels?

Chemical Resurfacing is a non-invasive process characterised by layering active ingredients in higher strengths onto the skin to provoke accelerated regeneration of cells in all layers of the skin. This results in a more rejuvenated and radiant skin.

 It is particularly effective for:

– Photo damaged skin

– Hyperpigmentation / brown spots

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Acne

– Chronic redness

– Scarring

The active ingredients in the resurfacing treatments can be customised to each individual depending on their need and skin type.

Pros and Cons of Resurfacing Treatments:


  • Suitable for all skin types (pHformula)
  • No sedation required
  • Light to medium peels have little or no downtime
  • Can be customised to treat individuals and different concerns on the face


  • Deeper peels may have longer down time with redness and skin flaking
  • Some sun sensitivity after peel (less of a problem after pHformula resurfacing treatments)
  • May stimulate underlying viruses causing cold sores

WHAT does a treatment involve?

The treatment is carried about myself, Dr Alpa.

The products are chosen carefully to address your concerns.

The skin is first cleansed. When the product of choice is applied to the skin there is often a sensation of heat. I will communicate with you the entire time regarding the level of heat experienced to determine the duration of the treatment.

Following the treatment, a mask is applied to soothe the skin.

There should be no or little down time with the light to medium peel. Use of SPF daily is mandatory.

The effects of the peels are increased by having 3 or more sessions, and use of the recommended active ingredients between peels to gain longevity of the results.

Can peels be combined with other treatments?

Absolutely. Some conditions i.e. scarring or advanced photo damage, respond very well to a combination of microneedling and resurfacing treatments. This can be done at the same time or at intervals. The benefits are much more pronounced.

To determine how resurfacing treatments can help improve your skin complaints, book your free consultation.